About us


represents the excellence of high italian jewellery.
The creativity of the models, the accurate choice of raw materials the diversity of the shapes and the overall preciousness make up a “unicum” of its kind.
Each Chapeau branded jewel is the essence of a different style that is unique in the world, this is what makes Italy the Country of jewellery, and its goldsmith artisans, the keepers of Benvenuto Cellini’s craft.
Chapeau makes every collection unique and each jewel is part of an artistic project that, thanks to the vividness of gold and the precious stones, is developed in a high value piece of work.
In the Italian tradition, Chapeau is the expression of admiration for an accomplished project.
Chapeau is the brand of high Italian jewellery that aims to highlight its opening to the international markets.


For people like us who have been working with gold for two generations hands are our most precious treasure. Hands shape materials with their strength, they guide the choice of a precious stone that will be set and shine. Hands are the gesture of the artist, who is an artisan and combines the expertise of his craft, to the inspiration of the italian spirit. Hands catch ideas and transform them into unique and precious objects. Our hands are the tools that make Art out of our work.